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Why Choose Us?

Commitment to Customer 

Chip Chip care about their customers and want to make sure that they are getting the best value for money, the highest RHI payments and reduced maintenance of their boiler.  By demonstrating the benefits that high quality consistently dry fuel provides, there should be no advantage in using any other supplier.  In addition, we make it easy for you to track your deliveries online so that you can meet your production needs. 

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Improved Boiler Efficiency 

High performance biomass boilers are only as good as the fuel they burn. Anything other than virgin wood with no more than 20% moisture content will have a negative impact on the kWh output and RHI payments.   Chip Chip produces 20% moisture content (+/- 2%) to ensure the fuel burns cleanly and efficiently and results in higher kWh output and higher calorific value per tonne. Wood chip with little or no moisture content burn too rapidly.  Wood chip with more than the recommended moisture content reduces the power output and causes excessive tarring, ash production and emissions.    

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Reduced Costs  

With high performing wood fuel, less fuel is required to achieve the same output. In addition, higher quality wood fuel results in lower ash residue, zero clinker and less operating and maintenance costs.  Chip Chip ensures that a customer’s boiler achieves optimum energy efficiency and payback.  


Strategically Located

Chip Chip currently have 10 locations around the UK, and growing.  So whatever the location or volume demand they are able to meet client needs quickly and efficiently.  

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