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    Christmas and New Year fuel requirements

    Christmas and New Year fuel requirements In order that you can plan your future fuel requirements, please note we are unable to deliver fuel during the following periods listed below; Read more

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    New Chip Chip Fleet

    We are very pleased to be able to unviel our brand new truck delivery with one our transport partners. Look out for these trucks; you may just spot one on a motorway near you, filled to the brim with Force Dried Premium Wood Chip, keeping our clients biomass boiler running. With this striking new design they'll be hard to miss. Read more

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    Don't risk your RHI by using waste wood in your boiler

    There have been questions raised regarding the use of waste wood in boilers meant for virgin wood fuels. The rules laid out by OFGEM are very clear. Waste wood of any kind whatsoever MUST NOT be used in boilers that have been accredited using virgin wood. Read more

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    Farmers Lung

    Farmer's Lung is an allergic disease usually caused by breathing in the dust from moldy hay. However, dust from any moldy crop - straw, corn, silage, grain, tobacco and even wood chip fuel - can also cause Farmer's Lung. The technical name for Farmer's Lung is "extrinsic allergic alveolitis", "hypersensitivity alveolitis" or more generally "hypersensitivity pneumonitis". The "-itis" word ending means inflammation, so "alveolitis" means inflammation of the alveoli. "Pneumonitis" means inflammation of the lungs ("pneumon", Greek for lung). Read more

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    Chip Chip land 5 year fuel supply contract with Kingspan

    Kingspan Insulation Ltd in Pembridge, Herefordshire, part of the €2.8 billion plus Kingspan Group has recently installed a 1.65MW high temperature Binder Boiler to heat their production line and storage spaces. So impressed was Kingspan with the professionalism and commitment to their project by Wood Energy that they decided to also employ the services of Chip Chip Ltd, a sister company to Wood… Read more