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Fuel supply contract with Kingspan

Kingspan Insulation Ltd in Pembridge, Herefordshire, part of the €2.8 billion plus Kingspan Group has recently installed a 1.65MW high temperature Binder Boiler to heat their production line and storage spaces. So impressed was Kingspan with the professionalism and commitment to their project by Wood Energy that they decided to also employ the services of Chip Chip Ltd, a sister company to Wood Energy and part of the Strong Energy Group of Companies.


Kingspan Pembridge

Spencer Murtagh Operations Director of Kingspan said, ‘’we employed the services of a specialist wood fuel consultant to design us a specification for trouble free running of our Binder biomass boiler. We didn’t want to have any fuel supply, moisture or tolerance issues with such an important installation. After visiting Chip Chip Ltd to see the product first hand for myself and learn about the batch testing and quality assurance checks I knew straightaway that Chip Chip must be our fuel supplier. The staff there are a credit to the company remarked Spencer’’