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Wood Chip Fuel

Chip Chip supply virgin, traceable, sustainable dry wood chip, processed to British Standards in terms of low moisture content, consistent chip size and a high calorific value, enabling biomass boilers to function precisely as they were designed.

The BS EN 14961 are the standards required across Europe for all non-industrial boiler use - Chip Chip complies with these specifications and is a member of the BSL – Biomass Suppliers List.

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Chip Size

Only input chip that meets a boiler’s specification as well as the specification set out in BS EN 14961 which is now the dimensions for all European standards. The particle size dimensions for the BS EN and Önorm standards are shown below, and chip size must meet the standards of the BS EN 14961. Although the Önorm standard has been superseded, it is listed below.


Dimensions Of Chip

Origin of Timber

Chip Chip Ltd uses untreated virgin timber to make its chip for burning in biomass boilers. Chip Chip only uses the highest specification virgin timber for all its wood chip meaning it is all clean wood, no slab or waste wood. This is ideal for a boiler’s lifespan as well as giving a good quality burn. All of the wood used by Chip Chip is traceable and sustainable.


Moisture Content

Specification by the BS EN 14961 requires a sub <25% moisture content. To arrive at such a low moisture content virgin timber chip needs to be dried by a more robust process than simple air dry over time. Chip Chip wood fuel has a moisture content of <22%.



Fuel Type

Softwoods dry quickly and give a high quality burn. The species of wood used will have a bearing on the calorific value, however, once wood chips have been dried there tends to be little difference in the calorific value. Chip Chip uses a spruce larch mix, both of these conifers are very high in calorific value giving over 4000 kWh per tonne when dried to a low moisture level.


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