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Why Chip Chip

The lower the moisture content, the higher the calorific value. 20% moisture content is proven to be the best ratio when comparing cost versus performance. If you fuel your boiler with wood that is high in moisture content or has a varying moisture content, is contaminated or of an inconsistent particulate size you will not get the best out of your boiler and you could receive an unwanted repair bill!  Put simply, the wetter the fuel the less energy can be extracted from the wood so more needs to be purchased and used. Therefore pushing your fuel bill up and risking additional unforeseen costs. Furthermore, you may not be meeting the requirements of your RHI obligations and you may risk losing your payments altogether by using fuel wetter than your Emissions Certificate allows.

Don’t take any risks with the performance of your boiler.

The 3 key parameters that need to be specified for wood chip are;

  •    Moisture content – this causes major problems with the ongoing running of a biomass boiler.

If there is a high moisture content, you are buying a large percentage of water and water doesn’t burn. The optimum moisture content/versus cost is 20%.

  • Dimensions – to ensure it is applicable for the appliance and the fuel handling system.
  • Consistency – boilers perform very badly when fuel quality is variable


By purchasing Chip Chip wood fuel means you have


  • guaranteed 20% moisture content, (+/- 2%)
  • no foreign contaminants or dust (fines)
  • less fuel consumption per annum - saving money as less fuel is purchased
  • higher calorific output – means more energy generated
  • improved boiler efficiency – 20% moisture content fuel means boilers run at constant optimum efficiency
  • maximised RHI returns
  • greatly reduced service and maintenance costs
  • reduced downtime


Our product is quality controlled in line with BSL and the Green Dragon Environmental Standards and each load is batch tested to ensure consistency.

Supplied by our own UK network of depots ensuring local deliveries and short lead times.